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Tennis Update October 3, 2019
If you're a sweater person, it looks like you may finally get your chance at sporting the look in just a few days. After battling thru the September that never was, it took October to finally win the battle!! Now hoping for more than a 2 week Fall to enjoy until we start complaining how cold it is!
......and if you were already wearing that sweater just because it was Fall, you're probably 10 pounds down by nowEmoji
October is a favorite month of mine, and can easily be the best month in Texas, so let's put the courts to use even more!!
We continue a lot of weekend USTA league play for men & women the rest of this month, and even though these leagues are in mid season, the ladies USTA 40+ leagues are already forming! If you're a player and looking for a team please let me know, and we will pass the word to our captains to see if they have any spots open!
As we go thru the rest of this month, some nice events coming up in just a few weeks to put on your frig to remember.....deadlines come early!!
*First of all - Ladies, save the date of Tuesday, November 5th for our 2nd Annual Tennis 4 Troops event benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Play this year will be during the afternoon, with opening ceremonies starting at 12:30, and play beginning at 1pm. Fixed partner format for 2.5-4.0 teams ~ cost is $55pp, includes shirt, towel, dinner, drink tickets at tournament and concert. 
This year following the T4T event, 5:30-8:30pm we are keeping the dinner & concert here at the club (last year was at Texas Live). Tickets will also be available for purchase for this event if your not in the tournament, to come out & listen to a great band, enjoy some good food while having a fun time! 
*November 2-3, will be our next UTR tournament with both singles (Saturday) and doubles (Sunday)! Deadline will be October 29th!
*November 16-18, we host the Traditional Bob Noel Tennis Classic (Adult USTA Tourn) with singles, doubles and mixed for levels 2.5-open!
The USUAL Rundown
~ Monday evenings, consist of play nights for men & women 2.5/3.0 at 6:30 ($8) and Steve's drill from 7-8pm (no cost except sweating)
~Junior Programs run Tues, Wed, Thurs for our novice programs 5-13 yrs, 4:45-6pm and Junior Performance Tues/Thurs 6-7:30pm
  Contact Marla Krueger to register or for more info at 817-692-6900
Now get out & enjoy the cool down! Next week we will start our Beat texas rallies......I know it's y'all's favoriteEmoji
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update September 27, 2019
Now this has been an eye opening week for me in 2 different areas of speculation on my part! First, the confusion of finding out how many days are really in August......that number is 59. Then come to find out there is only 1 National Daughters Day each year.....I've been tricked & misled to believe there were 365 of those each yearEmoji!!
.....tough week, I need a football game to clear my head!!
How about some info, not so CONFUSING!!
Thank you again to all the players that came out to play our Fall KickoffEmojiEmoji UTR this past weekend! Our next UTR event will be Nov 2-3 (maybe Fall by then)!
Monday - Play nights continue each week for 2.5/3.0 men & women at 6:30pm ($8), along with Steve's workout drill from 7-8pm (no charge)
Tuesday - Junior groups 5-13 yrs entry level, 4:45-6pm ($15) & Junior Performance groups from 6-7:30pm ($18)
Wednesday - Entry level juniors at 4:45pm
Thursday - looks a lot like Tuesday~
Friday - USTA Ladies League play (morning)
Saturday - USTA Men & Ladies League play (morning/early afternoon)
Sunday - Junior Team Tennis (afternoon)
~Save the DATE - Tuesday, November 5th we will host our 2nd Annual 'Tennis 4 Troops' event benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation!
  It was a great event last year, and we will top that this year. More details on all the exciting things in next weeks Ticker!!
~Have a junior that would like to take their party to the courts for their birthdayEmoji? If so, contact Marla Krueger for detailed information and setup along with any other junior program questions at 817-692-6900
~How about another party idea? Come out to Par-Tee on the Patio tomorrow evening (9/27) from 6-9:30pm. Live band will be playing and food/drink available at the Garden's. For more info or to reserve a spot, contact the Garden's at 817-731-2547EmojiEmoji
MOVE 'em Around
Now I know most of y'all are not those doubles players that hit the ball right back to your opponent, but you probably have friends that doEmoji! So if you want to give that friend some basic doubles strategy advise, it would be 'CREATE MOVEMENT' on the court. 
So many players give their opponents the opportunity to stand still, then just try to thread the needle with a shot or drive it through them. Start with getting them moving a few steps at a time, and shots will become more open. I tell players to get their opponents into the green part of the court (if blue/green court of course). 
If you hit a deeper ball it moves your opponent back into the deep green, if you hit an angle it will move your opponent into the side green and shots will open up more!! Keep your opponent in the correct color of the court, and you will find better shots to take & create MOVEMENT.......!!!
Enjoy the rest of your extended AugustEmoji....and the hottest September day around here ~ September 4, 2000....111 degrees, do you feel cooler now?
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update September 19, 2019
I saw an interesting stat the other day, for the first time in 100 years the first 17 days of September were all at 95 degrees or warmerEmoji! To that, I say goodbye Summer, and let's bring on the 80's party and stay there for awhile!!
We will start the party with our Fall Kickoff UTR tournament this coming weekend! Registration is closed, but draws are posted at www.myutr/events/8508..... looking forward to a nice weekend.
Our junior program continues every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for our 5-13 year old novice groups from 4:45-6pm ($15), along with our junior performance groups every Tuesday & Thursday from 6-7:30pm ($18). If you should have any questions, contact Marla Krueger at 817-692-6900
Also, parents if you are interested coming out with your 3-4 year old, contact Marla as well about her Parent & Me class organizing on Wednesday evenings from 6-6:30pm ~ cost is $10!
Monday Nights are Rock'in on the Courts!! 
Play nights for the 2.5/3.0 men & women at 6:30pm ($8) along with Steve's drill at 7pm for adults & school level juniors (no charge)! The evenings are getting nice, so get out and join the fun!
......and speaking of PARTIESEmoji
Par-Tee on the Patio is back on Friday evening, September 27th over at the Garden's! The evening will start at 6pm and continue til 9:30pm with a live band, food & drink specials ~ weather should be just right!!
Sunrises & SunsetsEmoji
If you're looking for a great place to start or end the won't find a better place! I would have to say if you're into the serenity of a great morning sunrise, or an awesome setting in the evening, you have to be at the club at one of those times to enjoy what may be the best view around at those times.
......don't miss it - you have 2 chances each day to view from the courts or the course!!
and just a reminder, the sun doesn't rise at 10am......but it may for those out partyingEmoji
Enjoy the weekend.....EmojiEmojiEmoji
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update September 13, 2019
Now, I know that in real season terms we are technically still in Summer until the 21st of this month. But once football is here and Labor Day has passed, it's technically the Fall season in my mindEmoji..!!! So we say to September, stop being a Hot head, grow up and start acting like it for once.
Now, with that said.....Here's some FALL stuff!!
UTR Tournament coming up the weekend of September 21-22! Singles will be played on Saturday, and doubles on Sunday afternoon.
Players need to register by Tuesday, September 17 at       
*Hope it lives up to the "Fall Kickoff" Theme
Have kids between the ages of 5-13 that want to get started in tennis?? We have the classes for them every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 4:45-6pm. You can pick any of the day or come all 3 of them. Cost is $15 per class - contact Marla Krueger for more info or to register at 817-692-6900
Juniors players that have been playing and more advances, in school or tournament level play - come out for our Junior Performance drills every Tuesday & Thursday, from 6-7:30pm! Cost is $18 per drill.
Monday nights continue with activities on the court! Play nights for our 2.5/3.0 men at 6:30pm ($8pp) or come workout with Steve on the court in his drill for all adult levels and school level juniors. Drill goes 7-8pm, and no cost to come out and join the RUN!!
Give me SPACE
If you haven't been in the shop for awhile, you need to check out the new glass enclosed patio! Still work to be done, but it will be a nice additional space to use during the entire year.......and yes it's climate controlledEmoji
Know your Court MAP
Now most of the ones that drill with me, probably know what this entails, but where do you spend your time on the court?? When on the court, I let players think of the baseline as Austin, and the net area as Fort Worth....both have their purposes depending on the game situation. 
.....but there is one area of the court that we need to make a quick 'Pit Stop"(1 shot) but then get out.....and that in between area is known as WACOEmoji, some in the past have called it 'No Man's Land'.....!!
Now, no harsh comments from the Waco and Baylor faithful, just a reference. Just use that map guideline when playing a match remembering you may have to come up and hit a shot in that area, but some players tend to make it a weekend stay or longer, making it a 'not so fun experience'.
......enjoy your trip!!
I'll end this Ticker wishing my wife a "Very HAPPY Birthday"Emoji....and actually it's my Mom's as well, but she doesn't have email, computer or Facebook so she's on her ownEmoji
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update - August 8th, 2019
There's that theory out there in society '6 degrees of Separation' that all people are 6 or fewer social connections away from each other.... I'm not so sureEmoji!
But I have one better.... the '100 Degrees of Separation' here in Texas, which can disconnect people from a lot of social thingsEmoji....!! So here we are back to the month that the 7 day forecast numbers will barely all fit on your screens!!
......But, August still prevails and we still several things GOING on Court!!!
TIC TOCEmoji.....The Deadline for the SUMMER SIZZLER is approaching very quickly! Deadline is tomorrow night, August 9th. Players can register at under tournament ID 800019219! Divisions for singles, doubles and mixed in levels 2.5-open and also singles/doubles in men's & women's 50+ starting at the 3.0 level.
Don't let a few extra numbers on the weather forecast stop you!!
It's a week of WINNERS getting ready to hit the courts the next few days!!
Good luck to our Lonestar ladies competing in the Texas Sectionals in Dallas this weekend and our Ladies 3.0 & 3.5 40+ USTA teams competing in the Fort Worth playoffs in Arlington next week.
Newbies on the COURT this evening at 6:30pm and continuing for the rest of August. Before long we will have to take the newbie title off....they're working hard. Cost is $20pp or $16 member! Contact me if still interested getting involved.
Monday Play Nights continue for our 2.5/3.0 men & women at 6:30pm....cost is $8pp or nc for members. A great way to get some good match play and meet other players......the more the better. Please let me know by noon each Monday if you would like to play.
Monday night drills still continue with Steve from 7-8pm for adults and school level juniors. Come work out at no cost!!
Junior Groups just finished today for the Summer (and no one melted, officially) as we get back in the routine of the school year. We do have our Fall schedules out, which will start back on Tuesday, September 3rd.
**Our Junior Performance group will continue through August on Tues/Thurs, 6 - 7:30pm! Cost is $18pp
SAVE the DATE....Ladies!!
Fall Kickoff on Thursday, August 29th....Fixed Partner format in levels 2.5 - 4.0. Play will start at 9:30am!
ON the ROAD Again!!!
If you have pulled out of Southern Oaks on to Burleson Retta Rd and wondered why cars were coming from both directions....well, your driving detour nightmares our over........the ROAD is now openEmojiEmoji
See you on the COURT......and if you see me cooking an egg on the stadium court, we may be even more separatedEmoji
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update - August 1st, 2019

Not since Roger Federer having 2 match points to win his 21st Major in July, has something been so close (still a sore subject)!! Referring to last weeks Ticker of making it through July without out a 100 degree day for the first time since 2007......So CLOSE!!  And speaking of 21, that was how many 100 degree days we had up to this point last year.....!! A couple close calls this month ~ but the cigars stay in the box!!
Now we enter AUGUSTEmojiEmoji
With this heat we couldn't ask for better advertising for our SUMMER SIZZLER Adult USTA tournament coming up the weekend of Aug 16-18th. Events include singles, doubles and mixed in all levels 2.5 - open! Also 50+ senior divisions for 3.0-4.5 levels in singles & doubles for men/women. Deadline is Friday August 9th...Don't Delay!! Register at under tournament ID 800019219
GOOD LUCK & Congrats to our Southern Oaks Teams
~ Ladies Lonestar team will be competing at Texas Sectionals held in Dallas next weekend, August 9 & 10th after winning the FTW local event in June.
~ Ladies 3.5 USTA 40+ team, winning 1st place in the FTW  league, now will compete in playoffs Aug 12-14
~ Ladies 3.0 USTA 40+ team finishing 2nd in the FTW league, now competing in playoffs the same week of Aug 12-14
~ We don't want to forget our new professional golf team of Derek Westbrook/Lance Duren for winning our FORE the LOVE of Golf event on Saturday!
......way to go everyone it's been a GREAT SummerEmojiEmojiEmoji
Weekly Court Play
~ Newbies group going strong, meets tonight at 6:30pm....and continues on Thursday's for the month of August! Cost is $20pp/$16 member
~ Monday Play Nights for our 2.5/3.0 men & women starting at 6:30pm....respond by Monday at noon to play. Cost is $8pp/nc member
~ Monday Night drill with Steve for school level and all adults from charge
~ It's been HOT, but a good week of juniors! Contact Marla Krueger, 817-692-6900 if you have interest for next week, the last wk of summer groups.
* Pickle Ballers, don't FRET.... look forward to more activity on the short court as we get the HOT weather out of here!!!
* Come enjoy our new social area for F&B in the proshop, open for service starting tomorrow, August 2nd.
* It may not be tennis or golf.....but the season is upon us - no, it's not Christmas - or it may be to a lot of people including myself
  .....we have our 1st football game starting tonight.....the world is spinning just right again until FebruaryEmoji
Lets enjoy a Great weekend & Days ahead.....just remember the cold days of February when you wanted Summer to be here!!
See you on the COURT!!
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update - July 25th, 2019

Remember when you were in school, Emoji was a good thing that you would work hard for, but when it comes to summer, Emoji not so good!!......So the question, can we make it through a July without a Emoji and make it a good thingEmoji?  Not since 2007 has this happened and we are closing the month with a strong chance. Of course August could rear it's ugly head and make us pay for it in a hard way.
So let's take advantage of YES, a very nice Summer on the Court
~ This Saturday, July 27th - "FORE the LOVE of Golf" Tournament for tennis players. There is still time to register if you can let me know by noon Friday. Cost is $50pp - come out and join the fun and test your golf skills. We have 22 guys already registered to play. Format is 2 person, 18 hole scramble. Play will kickoff at 1pm.
~ Monday Play Nights continue for men and women of the 2.5/3.0 level at 6:30pm, as well as the men's 4.0 level. Cost is $8pp/nc member
   Mondays also offer Steve's workout drill from 7-8pm, no charge to come. Drill is setup for school level juniors and adults.
~ We are concluding our Summer Junior program for 10 & under and entry level older ages, but if you are interested in groups over the next couple weeks before the start of school, contact Marla Krueger at 817-692-6900
~ Also as mentioned a couple Tickers back, Dennis Roy will be joining us in a tennis professional role. Dennis will be available for lessons in the evenings and some weekends. Dennis will also be organizing a higher level junior program for our champ/super champ levels. If you would like to contact Dennis, please call him at 469-563-6245
~ Newbie Group - we will keep this class going each Thursday for the next few weeks from 6:30-7:30pm. It's been a good group, if still interested please let me know. Cost is $20pp/$16 member
SUMMER SIZZLER approaching quick, held the weekend of Aug 16-18th. This is an adult level USTA tournament (juniors 18 & under can play open divisions). Adult levels in singles, doubles and mixed at the 2.5 thru open levels. Tournament ID is 800019219, deadline is Aug 9th.
Singles could start as early as 3pm on Friday the 16th, with all doubles starting on Saturday.
* Nice changes in the shop area, with a new social area for food & beverage to open up on Friday, August 2nd....come check it out!
* Green aerification begins next week on the course, starting with the back 9 on Monday(7/29) & Front 9 on Tuesday(7/30)!
* Is Burleson/Retta Rd still closed......YES!!!!Emoji
* You will notice some strong junior tennis play today, tomorrow and Monday as we host a site for USTA junior zonals for players all around the country!! Play goes 8am-1pm!
Let's have a Great week.....this time last years temperature....106Emoji
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update - July 19th, 2019
Now that we are into our "Desert Summer Time" in Texas, to where every bird starts to look like a vulture and everything sounds like a locus.....let's start our countdown of the days ahead that all intriguing minds want to know just for kicks!

Fall....65 starts...26 days(sorry kids, but your parents love this day)Emoji......Christmas 160 days(hope you took advantage of Amazon Prime Day)......Burleson/Retta Rd opening....who knowsEmoji.........and of course the biggest day of all ~ start of the College Football season....44 days(hallelujah)EmojiEmojiEmoji
Now For the Tennis Days Ahead!!
~ This weekend we welcome players participating in our July UTR.....times/draws are posted at
~ This coming Monday Night, July 22nd we offer a Junior Play Night for school and tournament level juniors from 6-8pm. Contact Ernie at this email      if you would like to come out. Format will be round robin short match play to get kids more time on the court. Cost is $8pp, drinks included.
~ Saturday, July 27th - "FORE the LOVE of Golf" Tournament for tennis guys/gals ~ format 2 person team, 18 hole scramble. Cost is $50 per player
   including prizes for winning teams, closest to the pin contest. Play will start at 1pm. Register to my email by Wednesday, July 24th.
 Regular Stuff
*Monday Night Drill for adults, school & tournament level juniors with Steve. No charge, 7-8pm, come on out and get worked out.
*Newbie Group going on Thursday's, 6:30-7:30pm. We have a good group of new upcoming players! Cost is $20pp/$16 member
*Monday Play Night for 2.5/3.0 level men & women, starts at 6:30pm. Let me know by Sunday night! Cost is $8pp/nc member
*Junior Camps still going next week for our 10 & under, and entry level juniors 11-15! Contact Marla Krueger 817-692-6900
*Junior Performance Drills on Tues/Thurs, 6pm-7:30pm
Coming Up Soon
**Southern Oaks Summer Sizzler held August 16-18. This is a USTA Adult Sanctioned Tournament with divisions in singles, doubles and mixed for all levels, starting at 2.5 thru open. Singles could start late Friday afternoon, with all doubles starting on Saturday. Players can register by August 9th at under tournament ID 800019219
Reminder to like our facebook pages ~ Southern Oaks Tennis  and Southern Oaks Golf & Tennis
Stay Hydrated & Don't Melt.....number of days until next Ticker....7
See you on the COURT
Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
817-426-2400 / 817-980-9374

Tennis Update - July 12th, 2019
Hope everyone enjoyed that 'Cool Summer Break' last's a great way to get all your skin that melted away to come back to its true form..!!

We've also had a break from the usual low in the professional sports scene that comes this time of year! First, congrats to the Ladies USA Soccer team...well done and it fit right in to the holiday weekendEmoji
Now we get another good fit for this weekend, with a Federer vs Nadal match up at Wimbledon, that hasn't happened since that epic 2008 final!
If you have an extra $9-10,000 you may be able to even get a ticketEmoji.....the summer sports scene has entertainment value!!

We also have some tennis entertainment to PLAY

~ The Epic match may be overseas, but we bring a touch of Wimbledon to Southern Oaks, in our traditional mixer featuring all the traditions this Saturday, July 13th, 9am-12! Strawberries & Cream, Champagne, some wood racquets to try if you like, and of course....ALL WHITE Apparel! If you say I don't have anything all white.....they sale Hanes t-shirts everywhereEmoji! Let me know by Friday at noon if you want to play! No partner needed! $20pp/$15m.........much cheaper than the 9-10K

~ Our next UTR coming up quick, July 20-21, deadline is Tuesday, July 16. Singles played on Saturday, doubles on Sunday afternoon.
   register at

FORE the LOVE of Golf - a fun golf tournament event on Saturday afternoon, July 27th for tennis players. Format will be a 2 person 18 hole scramble, cost is $50pp which will cover all the golf, prizes and some other things. How are you eligible?? Just need to be a USTA member! Need to enter by Wednesday, July 24th.

SERVING UP the Usual
~ Monday Play Nights at 6:30pm for men & ladies 2.5/3.0....and our men's 4.0 group. Cost is $8pp or no charge for members.
~ Monday Night Drill with Steve from 7-8pm! School level juniors and all charge!
~ Junior Novice Camps on Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoon. Contact Marla for more info or to register at 817-692-6900
~ Junior Performance every Tues/Thurs 6-7:30pm for school and tournament level juniors

Our NEWBIE tennis group will be meeting tonight and next Thursday at 6:30pm due to events the next couple weeks on Saturday's! Not too late to come on out and join the group.

Junior Play Night on Monday, July 22nd for kids wanting to get some extra match/court time before the upcoming school year! Any juniors wanting to play need to notify me so we have an accurate count. Cost is $8pp, ball & drinks will be provided. Play will go 6-8pm!

Welcome to the Club - Dennis Roy coming on as one of our tennis professionals on the weeknights, and some weekends.
Dennis was formerly top 10 in Texas juniors, 3 time state finalist and played his college tennis at Abilene Christian and University of Texas at Dallas where he was American Southwest Conference Champion in 2013.....and has worked at Highpoint Tennis and the Lakes Academy in past years.
Dennis will be helping us with juniors and adult lessons/programs. To reach Dennis, 469-563-6245

Back to the Melting......See you on the COURT!!

Ernie Abraham
Southern Oaks Tennis Director
S: 817-426-2400 or C:817-980-9374